Why is asking for help to achieve your goals difficult?

Why is asking for help to achieve your goals so difficult? This is something that I am struggling with. What a way to start a post. I promised that the next one would be a bit more uplifting but this blogging is the best way for me to deal with this overthinking mind of mine/ stress levels. I have also noticed that a lot of us are dealing with this and this is my safe space just to do what I do best and that is rambling! It is also a way of convincing myself that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. 

Success Stories

In last week’s post, I already talked about how I do need help/ answers. I was doing my daily search for answers on how to take these next steps. I stumbled upon a website where there were people talking about how they made their first step in the right direction. I loved reading the success stories of different people with different situations. This was exactly what I needed to see. There is hope that I can leave my comfort zone which is teaching. Some of these people were also teachers and are now working in completely different work environments.  

More people are QUITTING!!

Ever since I have been posting on this subject numerous people have contacted me with the good news that they are also done with their jobs. I guess everybody is looking for happiness in the long run. People are realizing there is no need to stay unhappy. Quitting your job is not always a bad thing.

Everything happens at the right time

I am so happy to see that some of these people are younger than I am.  They have plenty of time to reach their goals. I wish I had that kind of time but it is never too late. Everything happens at the right time. I have written two paragraphs already and I haven’t even touched the subject of “Why is asking for help to achieve your goals so difficult?” One thing I know is that for me it has to do with fear of rejection. What if I reached out to the right people for help and these people say: “No.” Nobody wants to be a failure in front of peers. 

Social Pressure

There is this social pressure to achieve certain things by the age of whatever. When you reach that age and you haven’t reached what society expects from you, it can feel like a big deal. You see everybody has their shit together and here you are at 45 totally clueless. Throwing everything away (like my secure job) has had such a big impact on my life.

Go back to my “Comfort Zone”

I sometimes think I might have to go back to teaching for at least 3 days a week just to pay the bills and take the other two days to go after my goals. That might even be doing an internship in a totally different field. I think this may kind of help my situation. Will I be happy standing in front of a class again? Hell NO!! But it might be a good idea and the only way to support these goals of mine. 

Professional Help

At one point, I might have to turn to some professional help like a job coach or something but I want to try and network first. I need to think of different ways to tackle this journey of mine. I am so sorry if you are tired of reading about all these struggles of mine but this is life and unfortunately, things don’t change within a week. I hear you thinking well woman you have been talking about this for over a year now…LOL! I know, I know but as I said, I don’t have a clue how to handle this. 


So what are my plans for now? I am going to ask for help because I am realizing that this is a sign of strength. We human beings need help and there is no need to do everything on our own. I think if I start networking it will make a positive difference in my journey to reaching my goals. 


Last week’s post was a bit long so I am going to end this one here. I am going to end this post with the question I started with: “Why is asking for help to achieve your goals so difficult?” Conclusion: I was stubborn, I thought it was a sign of weakness, and it felt like I was failing if I let people lend a helping hand. Now I know it is ok to ask for guidance in times of need and I am going to do just that. Maybe next week’s post will be about something different like fun things I like to do with my friends in Rotterdam. Thank you again for reading this week’s post and talk to you next week. 💛

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Why asking for help is difficult
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