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This part of the blog will be about my thoughts and things I am happy about or struggle with. The older I get the more I am at peace with who I am but the struggle is also getting real. I mean when I was in my twenties I had an image of what my life would look like and to tell you the truth my life is nothing like I had imagined. I am grateful for a lot of course. I complained a lot about my job but this job made it possible for me to buy my house, go on vacations and enjoy life. I will talk more about my job in another post and how I feel about it now. Exciting and frightening things are about to happen. I feel butterflies in my stomach but I am also a nervous wreck. I hope you will tag along for this new chapter in my life. You can also leave a comment and tell me if you are also in this semi-midlife crisis or if you are content with where you are in life. I would love to hear your stories.

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