I was talking to my sister the other day about talents. People tell me that I am so talented and that I am so smart, creative, social, fun to be around, etc. The thing is that I don’t feel like such a talented person. I mean I know I am a smart and a fun person but I feel like I can do a little bit of everything and I do not excel in one thing. 

Jealous (in a good way)

I read a lot of books, listen to podcasts, and have a list of people on Youtube that I have been following since forever and I admire how they are fully using their talents. I’m so jealous but in a good way of course. I always have this little voice in the back of my mind who tells me to don’t even bother because it will not work out. The older I get the less I am listening to this voice but I need to get rid of her before I turn 80 cause at that point I won’t be able to literally hear her anymore.LOL 


I am still figuring out how to put my small event together. I need to talk to people who put events together and learn from them. Time to start networking. Mine will be a small gathering at first and if it works who knows it might become something bigger. I feel that this could become something I could excel in.  

Everything has already been done

There are so many things that I want to do but I feel like everything has already been done. I am talking about things like me starting a podcast or even this blogging that I am doing right now. There are so many great podcasts and fantastic blogs online that it’s very daunting to start one. I am glad that I did put my reservations on a shelf and started this blog. Even if nobody reads it, it is something that I love doing. The only reason I haven’t started dabbling with a podcast or even a YouTube channel is that I am not a fan of my voice😓


I was listening to a podcast while I was cleaning my house this last Sunday. It was an episode of The Goal Digger Podcast This episode was about how we are waiting for a sign to make a big career change. This episode resonated with me because this whole blogging thing started because I was waiting for a sign to make a career change. This big sign never came and I learned that I just need to do things. She also had an episode about how to start small businesses from home. I loved that one too because you all know by now that this is the dream. 

Posting twice a week

This post was a good old ramble again. This one was a little bit all over the place again and long.(I am so sorry) I hope that by the end of this year, I have discovered my main talent and that I am putting it to use. I am going to try and post twice a week because I want to better my writing and the only way to do this is by writing more. Let me know in the comments here, on FB or IG if you are using all your talents or if you are still thinking about what your talents are. If you would like to see more of my daily life you can follow me on my social media platforms. Talk to you soon.💛