• Life

    Let’s talk about love!

    This topic is always very juicy and interesting. I love reading about other people’s views on this subject. I also love to talk about these things with my friends. The subject of LOVE!!! It is something that most people have dealt with at some point in time in their lives. This post is not just about me but about so many women I see around me. A lot of people expect you to be in a relationship as soon as you are around your mid…

  • Fitness


    Fitness Journey On this part of the blog, I will be writing about my fitness journey. Out of the group, I am the one who struggles with her weight.  It goes up and down and I would like for it to be at a point where I just have to maintain it. I will be posting pictures of my journey and of course, I will be writing on how I get along. Talk to you soon! Dushilifestyle      

  • Hair


    Hair Hair Hair We love everything about hair. I (Indira) am the one who changes it up most of the time. I have 4c hair and I love experimenting with new hairstyles. I love to rock the fro during Summer but I also love to rock protective hairstyles. Deborah has looser curls (I think she has 3a hair) and Nadine has 4a/ 4b hair. We will share our haircare routines on here and of course mention all the products we use. We will be posting…