Dating Part 2

Dating these days 

Here is dating part 2. I said in my part 1 of dating these days that I would only date someone if it felt right. My post was from December 2022 and did I date people these last few months??…NOPE! Lol. We do have some progress because I am open to dating somewhere this year. My brother-in-law gave up hope hahaha. Because I always tell him that by next Christmas, he won’t be the only man at the table. I have 7 months to keep my promise so who knows by Christmas 2023 I will be sitting next to someone’s son😂. I got this! Just keep in mind that I have been saying this for the last 4 or even 5 years.

Dating Apps

Did I ever go on one of these apps? I sure did out of curiosity and sometimes still do when bored. I download these apps to just delete them within 24 hours. Downloading apps was such a big taboo when they first came out. I now don’t care what people think. Everybody was making up stories about where and how they met. Now it is a great story because it is so rare to find a gem in the app world.

Sucker for a beautiful story

I fall for these apps after watching a few cute stories on TikTok and think well maybe today is my day and I will also meet my Mr.Right. I go on there and within 10 min I think nope. I keep it for 24 hours or less and delete it because it is very tiring to keep up conversations with people. In real life, I am so much better. I never know what to say and I lose interest or they lose interest and we go back to square 1 and I delete, delete, delete. 

Success Love Stories

I have friends and acquaintances that have had so much success on these apps. Some even got married and some are still dating. I have friends who don’t mind going on a few dates with different people and maybe finding their person.

Level Up

I have to get to their level. My thing is what if I get there and I know in 5 seconds that I don’t like the person, how long am I supposed to stay there? I also think what if they don’t like me and they tell me… OMG!! I mean it’s better to know but who wants to hear that someone doesn’t like them or doesn’t find them attractive? I will feel awful telling someone on a date that I am not into them and that there won’t be another date. So I just don’t date and voila problem is solved. 

Love Languages

We have all heard about these love languages and I know that some people think it’s a lot of bullshit but I like it. So of course when I heard of this back in the day I had to do the test to see what my love language is. The first time I took the test years ago, I got Words of Affirmation. I just did it again today and things have changed a little bit. I now have Quality Time as my first Love Language. Did you ever take a Love Language Test and is your result accurate? I can understand why this has changed because I hope to someday find someone who would like to travel and see the world with me. 

Keep you posted

As soon as I go on my first date in 2023 I will update you and let you know how I felt. This is also part of my get out of my comfort zone journey in 2023. How do you feel about dating? If you are already with someone did you meet organically or through a dating app? How do you feel about dating apps? Let me know in the comments under this post or maybe prefer to let me know on my IG or FB.

To be continued

Of course, there will be part three where I’ll tell you about my dating adventures.☺️ As always thank you so much for reading and talk to you next week. Click the like button on top or the bottom of the post if you liked it of course. 💛 

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Dating part 2