Staying Consistent in 2021


So here I am again 1year  later trying to get my motivation to do everything that I want to do in 2021. This blog post feels like a deja vu.

This has been one hell of a year. I can still see us celebrating the arrival of 2020. I even made a vision board to start my new year with all these manifestations. Then this pandemic hit and the world stopped. We didn’t know what was going on or what was going to happen. At first, I didn’t mind being at home because I didn’t like my job anyway and I was perfectly fine teaching from home and not seeing anyone.

After a while, I realized that this is going to take a few months and I didn’t like it so much anymore. The staying at home and teach was ok but the fact that we didn’t get to do the fun stuff anymore to take my mind off work during the weekends started to take a toll.

By being more at home I catch myself watching all these beautiful, smart, and motivated women online and think why can’t I do this. Why can’t I get up early on a Saturday and write a blog post or start my podcast?  And at the end of each wasted day, I think, ok I am going to start tomorrow and here we are 1 year later.

Why did I start writing today?

I started writing today because I had a conversation a few hours ago with two friends of mine. One of them (Melissa is so busy with her low carb vegetarian/ vegan recipes and motivating people to eat healthily and stay fit. She is so consistent and I love it. She showed us a picture of what she bought to really start taking things more seriously. I was so happy for her and at the same time I thought well I have these items too and why don’t I start picking up these hobbies of mine. I cleared out a bedroom so I can have an “office” to be more productive and still, Netflix won every time.

They asked me why don’t you just start??? I told them it’s because I am afraid to fail. I put too much pressure on myself. We went a bit deeper and I told them I always have high expectations of everything I do and that is why I usually don’t start with anything. I write down all my ideas in all these cute little notebooks and I don’t do anything with them. It is not about getting well known with my blog or podcast it is just that I am afraid that people might not like it and say terrible things. I have decided to change this mindset

So now I am writing this on Dec 29, 2020, and not on the first of January (which I would have done in previous years) I thought I might as well start today and manifest motivation and staying consistent for 2021. Here goes nothing!

Talk to ya soon,


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