Relationships and My Attachment Style

Attachment style and relationship blogpost

Valentine’s Day and relationships

In the spirit of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I thought it might be a good idea to tell you about a test I took a week ago. I saw this woman on TikTok who was talking about her attachment style. She explained this in such an intriguing way that it got me curious to also know what my attachment style was. As you know I am single and I can’t even remember the last time that I was in a relationship. My stance on dating is also known. 

Why I’m single

 I am single because I am too lazy to get to know someone and I think my standards are too much these days that it’s almost impossible to meet my match.LOL. I think this is because I have been single for too long and I keep adding things to this imaginary ridiculously long list. I am not perfect and I don’t expect my partner to be perfect but there are a few things that I would like them to have and they will have their list of things too. Let’s just say I am my own worst enemy and I think this list is long because deep down I am just ok with how things are right now. 

Attachment Style Results

As I said I did this attachment style test and it was awkwardly accurate. If you are interested in taking the quiz too I will put the link at the end of this post. These were my results. 

Your Attachment Style Is: 
Fearful Avoidant 
You Deeply Yearn For Connection But Equally Fear It

Relationships can feel very confusing and overwhelming as you experience both anxious and avoidant tendencies

This means that you can feel quite anxious and fear abandonment in relationships, but sometimes you also push people away when they get too close. 

This can cause you to “flip-flop” in relationships – which can be very confusing for you and for your loved ones. 

Elaborating on my results 

It said more but I think this would have made this post even longer. I want to elaborate a bit more on these results. I had to answer it honestly and it is true that I sometimes think oh wouldn’t it be nice to meet this kind, funny, kind, loyal, honest, and handsome man but at the same time the thought of letting someone get close to me and then hurt me is a big NO!!! 

I wanted to elaborate but you know what these results say everything. Explaining more is almost impossible because everything they said is true. I guess this has to be the shortest elaboration on results hahaha. I have just accepted this and now I have to go think on how I can change some of these attachment styles and maybe get better at this not pushing people away and take some risks in love. But am I ready for the risks of getting hurt.. I am not sure. 

Dating Apps

I only have this feeling of wouldn’t it be nice to meet someone once in a blue moon when I see a cute couple explaining how they met each other. The usual answer is: ” We met on (insert name of any dating app cause we do live in 2023) and I get delusional and think let me go download this app and see what’s on there cause these people are so cute. Maybe my Mr. Cute is on there too just for me to delete the whole app within 24 hours max 5 days (but usually 24  hours) cause I just can’t be bothered. I never really know what to say and if I do say something I think it probably comes over as nonsense. I am so much better in face-to-face or telephone conversations. I am old skool I know, I know but on another note do people even talk on the phone anymore?

Missing the good old days

Can we go back to the days that you met people out and about. Talked for a bit, gave them your phone number, knowing they would call, when the phone rang your heart would skip a beat, you felt all nervous and happy, talked on the phone for hours, and then go on dates. I miss those days. I do have to say that back in the day I was a relationship kind of girl. I met someone, we talked, hung out together, and boom we were an item for the next few years until one of us or both of us called it quits for whatever reason.  Good old days! Some of these men were a little bit too much and they made me avoid every relationship ever since cause WOW!!! hahahah. The only good thing of these relationships is that I learned a lot and now know exactly what I will accept in a relationship. I think that I have been single for the last (I don’t even dare to say the number) years. It’s all good though cause as the great Whitney Houston once said “I’d rather be alone than unhappy.” And at this moment in time I am happy with how I live my life. 

Link for the test 

After another ramble I am going to give you the link to do the test too. You can do it if you are single or in a relationship. It is fun to know what your attachment style is. If you do take the quiz let me know if it was accurate without posting your results of course because I can imagine that you would like to keep that private. Don’t be like me and put everything out there on the internet. LOL 

This is the link to the website.

Attachment Style Quiz

Thank you as always for reading. If you have a topic that you would like me to write about feel free to let me know. Plus let me know if you think risking getting hurt for love is worth it. 

Talk to you next week 🙂 

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  • Cherrelyn

    Hi Indira,

    Ik heb de test gedaan, nu nog aan mijn attachment style werken 😜 Bedankt voor de tip. Ik wil niet eens aan die dating apps beginnen, inderdaad vraag ik mezelf vaak af of iemand ontmoeten niet gewoon net als vroeger kan. Xx Cher

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