Not me starting over again?

Starting over again

Not me starting over again? Is my blog Groundhog Day? My only excuse for ghosting the blog is that I wasn’t quite sure how to update you about the work part of my life. I was ashamed because I had to make some decisions that felt like going backward.

I regret my decision

I started this post 2 weeks ago but couldn’t elaborate on everything. As of today, everything is out in the open so I can explain. I had such a relaxing and fun summer. I slept so well which is a rarity for me. Summer came to an end and I still didn’t know what to do with work. The savings were side-eyeing me and I had to make some decisions. I thought well I haven’t been a teacher for more than a year now and there were some fun moments at school. So I went back to work at a school at the beginning of October. 

Choosing ME!

My team, the school, and the kids were so nice but my body and mind were protesting big time. I came home sad every day. So I did something that I had never done before. I always finish a school year no matter what, but this wasn’t a possibility this time. I had to tell them that I was leaving. I haven’t slept well in weeks because this is so out of character for me. I don’t like letting people down. I talked so much with my family and friends and there was only one conclusion. I had to choose ME! Was this the best decision financially? I can let you know right now! The answer is NO! but happiness had to come first. A few people who inspired me to start over again were Tiffanie Davis and Paige Mariah.

Another Job

I have been working at this school for 3 days and applied for the job (at the theatre). I mentioned this in a previous post. The job I was too scared to apply for. I was waiting for the: ” Thank you for applying but we went for another candidate letter.” I don’t know how but I GOT THE JOB. This is something so different than teaching. I am so excited and scared at the same time. I am starting this Thursday. I already know that sleeping won’t be a thing this Wednesday night LOL..but that’s okay. I am so ready for something different. It will only be for 3 days because I still want to finish my contract. I will have to stay at school for one more month.

Side Hustle

I am going to look for something else as soon as my school contract is over. I am going to combine the theatre job with something else. If you know of a good side hustle let your girl know. 

Update 75 Soft Challenge

The stress of quitting, looking for something new, and feeling a bit anxious got the best of me for 7 whole days so I guess I have to start again. I was doing well. I am supposed to be on day 42 but I missed those 7 days. I can’t lie, I enjoyed being active every day, and seeing my body transform little by little is fun. I don’t mind starting over. So bring on the 75 Soft Challenge again. 

End of Update

From now on, I will be writing weekly again. I will let you know how the new job is going. Have any of you quit a job so soon after starting? If you did how did it make you feel? Feel free to let me know in the comments. I can tell you that I feel guilty because this is not me. I have to remind myself to live up to the name of this blog (DushiLifestyle translation Sweet Lifestyle)

My life was feeling everything but sweet these last few weeks. I hope that one day the guilt will go away. As always thank you so much for reading. Give it a like or share if you want to of course. We will talk next week. 🫶🏾💛

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