Let’s talk about love!

This topic is always very juicy and interesting. I love reading about other people’s views on this subject. I also love to talk about these things with my friends. The subject of LOVE!!!

It is something that most people have dealt with at some point in time in their lives. This post is not just about me but about so many women I see around me. A lot of people expect you to be in a relationship as soon as you are around your mid twenties and have a kid or two as soon as possible once you are in that relationship. And let’s not even start talking about once you are over the age of 35 without a relationship/ kids. THE HORROR!!! I will write a post about this specific part very soon. Today I wanted to write about dating and dating apps.

Dating Apps

Back in the days these apps were considered for ” desperate”  people and nobody ever talked about them and now people speak openly about all of their adventures on these apps.  Which I think is great!! Why should you feel ashamed? It’s easy because if it is not your thing you just don’t do it but we can’t be judging other people.

At my job, people sit at lunch and talk about the dates that they had or are about to have. They talk about all the hilarious stuff and the not so hilarious  stuff that goes on these apps or during the dates. I used to also think that these apps were for desperate people because we didn’t grow up with the internet.  We just met our significant other at a club, bar, or anywhere just out in the open. Online dating seemed very scary when I first heard about it back in ……well let’s not even put a year there cause damn I am old hahaha… These days when you are bored you get on one of these apps and you swipe away till you see someone you like. I sometimes feel that the swiping is the best part of these apps because do we really have the energy to go out on these dates??? Fun fact is that I have a few friends who have met their partner on these apps so don’t count them out yet!


So let’s talk about dating. I love everything that has to do with people meeting each other and falling in love. I absolutely love the show First Dates. This whole thing about seeing someone for the first time and maybe fall in love is so fun to watch. I love hearing stories about how people met in bars, clubs, grocery stores or dating apps.

The thing is that I love it for other people. I don’t like this whole dating thing for myself. I think it feels like applying for a job. Always the same questions and don’t forget feeling all nervous and hoping you won’t say something dumb (if you really really like this person). This whole dating thing is so nerve wrecking that I just don’t do it. I will just wait for the world to open or something cause I just don’t have the energy to think about what I want to wear or how I am going to do my hair. But who knows maybe I’ll change my mind and if I do… I will keep you posted because I am sure there will be some hilarious stories to tell.

I mean I can write a few pages on this topic but I tried to keep it short and sweet for now. I will talk more about it in a podcast that I am hoping to get online by the end of February 2021. I will invite a few of my friends so we can get comfy and just chat about this. This one is going to be fun because I already know some stories and some are mind blowing!!

You can leave a comment if you like and let me know what you think about dating, dating apps and society’s views.

Talk to you soon and enjoy a Dushi Lifestyle 😉


  • Liss

    Loved reading it. I had the same feeling about the dating apps! A bit scary and was also ashamed to be on Tinder BUT I got married to my Tinder date. The stress I got to tell my parents how we really met 🤣

    I knew I was one day going to marry this guy and couldn’t let my parents find out the real story in the wedding day itself 🤣

    • Dushi Lifestyle

      Thank you so much for commenting on this post. It is so cool to read, hear and see that people do find their true love on these apps. Gives us hope and not cancel the apps 😂 I have never even thought about what it would be like to tell parents about how you’ve met. 😅 I think my mom is at the point where she is like just meet somebody already. Thanxxx for sharing your story❤️

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