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Let’s talk about budgeting (MONEY!!)

Budgeting and talking about money

First of all…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I want to say that I am scared of really claiming that this is going to be my year because well we know what happened last year. I hope that everybody is in good health and I hope that this year will be different and we get to enjoy all the things that this world has to offer.

The reason I am writing this post today is that just like a lot of people I always wonder where does my money actually go. I mean I earn a decent amount of money. A teacher salary is quite ok here in the Netherlands but I am still not saving a dime for the life of me. I have decided to do something about this. I sat down and did the inevitable… I went and checked what I spend my money on.  Money and budgeting have always been quite scary to me because I just don’t like numbers and it gives me anxiety. I used to let my sister do my finances but I said no more and took matters into my own hands. At the end of 2020 I was looking online to see if I can find a good book where budgeting is explained in a language that I would understand and especially not give me anxiety. As said before I don’t like numbers.


Money planner 


I found this book on that is called Money Planner by this author named Renee Lamboo. I went to check her Instagram @Porterenee and website and I was quite impressed with how she explained how she achieved her goals with money. I ordered her book so that I would arrive in the first week of January 2021. I started reading it and decided to check my own finances whilst reading and OMG I spend so much money on things that are not even necessary. Things have to change as soon as possible. You can write all your goals in this book and you can see monthly how you are doing. I knew my spending was bad but to see it on paper was horrifying. Let’s just say I enjoy life a little bit too much. I already save a fair amount of money but I can save soooo much more if all these take-outs, clothes and random stuff I buy would become a little less frequent.


If you need more inspiration you can check out Patricia Bright on Youtube. She has a personal account but she also started a new channel called The Break She shares her own goals and how she became a millionaire. The book I bought is in Dutch but if you don’t speak Dutch you can buy Patricia Bright’s planner. She promotes it on her channel and IG. She also talks to other people who started with nothing but made something of themselves. If you are not into YouTube but you like podcasts please go listen to To My Sisters on Spotify. These women drop so much knowledge about basically everything. They also have a few episodes where they talk about money.


I have written my money goals for this month in the book and as you may have read in my previous post consistency is a struggle for me but I am working on it. I am planning to write my goals monthly and sticking to this plan. Of course, I will keep you guys updated but let me tell you if I can do it then everybody can do it. I’ll update this post in a month to see if I have achieved my January goals. Fingers crossed!

Talk to ya soon.


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