Keeping up With Friendships

Why am I like this?

You know the older you get the more people you got to know over the years. I have met some wonderful people due to jobs I had or just people I have met through other people. I have been thinking about some of them lately and I don’t know why. I always think of random things at random times of the day. You might think where am I going with this? Well, I am the type of person who for example hears a mosquito in the middle of the night, wakes up and Googles how long does a mosquito live? Why do I do this?? Nobody knows!! But anyway back to the story. So basically that’s how my brain works and that’s why I have been thinking about some of them out of nowhere.


So these last few months I have been randomly thinking about a few of them at the most ridiculous hours of the day. Instead of me texting them I go onto their Facebook (yes I am old and I still check Facebook), IG, TikTok, etc. to see if everything is ok and then I go on with my day. The easiest thing would be to just call or text them to say hi. The thing is I feel awkward just saying hi out of the blue because I feel like they might be disappointed in me for not staying in touch.  I live in my little bubble and especially during fall and winter I just can’t go out and socialize. I just work and go home. The thought of having plans in this weather is a big no for me. 


I wish I was better at this whole socializing thing. I know some people who always have busy schedules. They have plans with this person and that person and I just get mentally tired of just hearing how busy they are.  Sometimes I fall into this trap of enthusiasm and say oooh yes we need to get together soon and when soon comes you are already thinking of excuses to not go. I used to do this a lot when I was younger. These days I just keep it real and say that I am sorry but that it has nothing to do with them and that I just don’t feel like leaving my house.

Keeping up with friendships

Life is so busy sometimes that I don’t have the energy to be keeping up with friendships. And let’s be honest I am sometimes too lazy or too tired to talk to people. At this point in my life, I am so busy with figuring my life out that when I am done wrecking my brain all day with what is your next step going to be Indy??? You need to figure things out like yesterday. After this “wonderful” daily interaction with myself, I just want to be on my couch and watch movies. Energy is done!

Podcast about Friendship

As always I am either watching or listening to a Podcast and these girls from The Receipts podcast were talking about friendships. Have a listen to their podcast. They are so much fun. I do think that most women would like them but who knows maybe a few of my guy readers would too. If I was a guy I would listen to them to learn how women’s minds work hahaha. I have linked the episode about friendships and how they sometimes change. 

Feeling Bad

After writing this whole thing and reading it back I do feel awful that I don’t talk to certain people more often. I hope that they know that I am there for them whenever they need me. I am going to try and keep in touch with a few of them. How are you guys with friendships? Do you speak to everybody regularly? Let me know in the comments on this platform, Instagram or Facebook. 

Talk to ya next week 🙂 

Keeping up with friends
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  • Cherrelyn

    Hi Indira,

    Leuke post weer, je bent niet de enige ik heb ook erg veel moeite met contacten onderhouden. Ik leef zo in mijn eigen bubble dat ik het niet eens door heb en dan maanden later denk owja ik zou die nog een berichtje sturen en dan is het alweer te lang geleden, dan denk ik laat maar. Thnx for de podcast tip.

    Xx Cherrelyn

    • DushiLifestyle

      Ik ben zo blij te horen dat ik niet de enige ben. Ik voel mij altijd schuldig wanneer er weer weken voorbij gaan en ik heb mensen niet gesproken 😅 We gaan eraan werken hahaha.. Ik ben nog aan het kijken hoe ik een mailinglijst kan maken zodat er dan een mail komt wanneer ik iets heb gepost. Ik moet even kijken welke plugin het beste is hiervoor. Thanxxx for reading chica. XXXX 🤗

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