Happy New Year

First pic of the year

First of all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2023 let’s go!! First post of 2023.

How did I spend the start of 2023?

I spent New Year’s eve alone, not because I don’t have friends or family who didn’t want to spend it with me but because I wanted to spend it alone. I wrote down my goals as you may have read in this post. I wanted to be alone with my thoughts and think about everything I wanted to achieve this next year. I was never really excited about this whole New Year thing but this year it’s different. I think it is because I already made some big changes last year. I had butterflies at 00.00 because I don’t know what life will be like at the end of this year. Will I still be living here in the Netherlands? Will I be on an adventure for a few months? Where will I be working? Will I have found the man of my dreams? (LOL..cause this is one hell of a task as you may have read in my post about dating these days)

Anything can happen and I love that for me and basically for all of us 🙂 

Being alone on New Year’s Eve

It was symbolic to me. I want to do more on my own this year. We are all adults and everybody has their own lives and responsibilities which is ok of course because I also have mine. This is what happens when you become older. Life changes and friendships get another dynamic. You can’t be hanging out 24/ 7 anymore. I must say I am one of the lucky ones because I still do hang out with my girls almost every weekend and we talk about 100 times a day about literally everything. The only thing is that you don’t do spontaneous things all the time anymore because of work, life, family, etc.


When you are the one who doesn’t have a partner or kids life is so different from the ones who do have those things. I can do whatever I want at any time. This is all fun (and I love it) until you were like me and found it scary to go and do basic stuff on my own. I was always waiting on people to go do something with me which is impossible because again everybody is older now and has their things which is very normal. 

Being my own priority

My wanting to do things shouldn’t be anyone’s priority but my own. But instead of waiting for someone to go on trips with me or do something small like go and see a movie I am going to start doing these things on my own when everyone is busy. I did go see a movie on my own once and it was GREAT! It was a bit scary at first but I loved it and I am going to this again. I also went to a cafe a few times on my own to grab a coffee and read a book or just to sit down and write and this was glorious too. The only thing I regret is that I haven’t started doing this way sooner in my life. I am planning to go to a hotel for a weekend on my own in a different city to see if this can also become a new thing. 


The truth is I may come off like I am this secure and confident woman but I AM NOT! It took me a whole-ass conversation with myself to step out on my own and go sit down to order a coffee. As Rihanna once said sometimes “you have to fake it till you make it.” This saying is probably from someone else first but Queen Riri said it and I am going to listen to her.😌

If you are reading this and you are younger than I am please don’t wait for you to get to my age to start doing things on your own. Try to be confident and get out more on your own. I LOVEEEEE hanging with my friends cause these girls are hilarious (when I say hilarious I mean tears running down my face from laughter hilarious), kind, fun, and the nicest people ever but as I said everybody has their own lives, and commitments. 

As you can see this post is a long one, but if you can take one thing out of this post is to please enjoy your own company and take yourself out on lots of dates and do stuff that gets you out of your comfort zone. You can even do this if you have a partner. This will remind you of how much fun you are even alone. Life is short so try to enjoy every bit of it.


Of course, I will be updating you this year about my goals and if I have actually gone on for example a date (even typing this is a lot and I already want to cancel this imaginary date hahaha) and how it went.

Now let’s kick 2023’s ass. Wishing you all a year full of love, health, joy, money, luck, and everything nice  ❤️

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