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Fitness 2019

Fitness Journey 1.000.012


So here we go again with the I am going to do better this year with my fitness journey. I am going to make sure to be happy this Summer with my body etc. etc. I woke up today and as most people do these days you open your social media apps and the first thing you see are people who are really fit. People who went to the gym on 2 Jan because…. NO EXCUSES! Whilst I was watching those people on 2 Jan I was ordering fries cause I had a major hangover from the day before.

I have just ordered a book on help me get my mind and things I want to do on a daily basis called “Werkboek voor een structuurjunkie in spe.”  You can find more information on her website  for all our Dutchies who read our blog.

I have decided to write again today because I am leaving to go on a cruise in 114 days and I would love to finally feel good about myself when I am visiting the beautiful Caribbean islands. I have been struggling with this ever since I went above my weight of 60 kilos when I was younger. I am proud to say that I did lose almost 15 kilos two years ago but the final 10 are a struggle because well I just love food. I see all these women snacking on celery, carrots, and hummus and saying how much they enjoy it and I am here wishing I could feel the same about those items. I just love donuts, candy, french fries and everything that is not so good for my weight. It being January and all I am going to change my mindset and go do a healthy food shop and see the gym at least 4 times a week. I want to go for about 45 min to an hour after work.

I am going to weigh tomorrow morning and take a picture of my body so I can see the progress. I am also thinking about hiring a personal trainer so he or she can teach me how to get a proper workout in and actually see progress. I am also going to sign up for group classes so I can switch things up and don’t get bored in the gym.

I am going to write weekly about this fitness journey (this one is journey 1.000.012 hahaha) I will keep you posted. As you can see I am writing down the word I AM GOING TO because I am speaking things into existence. I hope that by using a daily planner I will keep this blog up to date and make some of my dreams come true by the end of this year. Starting with finally seeing the body I know I can have if I just work a little harder to get it.

So I will see you by the end of next week with how I am doing.

Talk to you soon!


p.s.I will also give an update about the planner. I will write a review about that when I have worked with it for about a week. You can find the review under books.


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