Feeling uninspired

Creative Block

I am in a bit of a creative block. I felt it coming a few weeks ago but somehow managed to come up with topics for the blog. I usually post on Monday or Tuesday but I am a bit late (actually extremely late) because of this creative block. I skipped last week because I was tired and uninspired.

Winter blues

This creative block was to be expected because there is so much winter I can endure. I am such a spring/ summer person and we all know that January feels like a whole year. I am so done with this cold weather and it is so depressing. I saw this Philips mood lamp which can help with these winter blues. I am thinking about buying one because this winter feels like 2 years. I tell myself every year that this will be my last winter in the Netherlands but here we are🙃 I think I need to find me a boyfriend who lives abroad so I’ll have a good reason to move there hahaha..

New Year New Me?? Where?

Anyway back to today’s topic and why I haven’t posted. I don’t know why I always fall for the “New Year New Me” thing because usually by the end of January my battery runs low and I just want to sleep till April. It’s a good thing that I did change jobs so this feeling low is less than previous years.

Feeling Rushed

I am also beginning to feel a little bit rushed to find a new job. This job is till May and I think that they might offer me to stay longer but as you all know I am in this semi midlife crisis and in my I am still searching for what the hell do I want to do with the rest of my life phase. This job is nice and I like my students but it’s not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I am proud of the job that I have done these last 3,5 months that I have been working here and I am proud of my students. A lot of them are on their way to get their diplomas in a few weeks. It’s so nice to be working with adults and not with moody teenagers who feel like they have to challenge you every day. I mean don’t get me wrong I won these challenges every day because I wasn’t impressed one bit but enough is enough. I am too old to be dealing with these daily challenges with moody teenagers. I also don’t miss my daily sentences like sit down, don’t do it, haven’t you brought a pen to school, why didn’t you do your homework? And let’s not forget the NOISEEEE these kids made every day. I know, I know I am old old hahaha

So what I have learned these last few months is that I like working with adults. My dream job will always be working from home or on an island somewhere with just my laptop but for now we have to make money to do fun stuff and pay these bills.

New Job Offer??

I even got a job offer to teach for 3 days and earn a lot of money but at this point in my life I just can’t. I am not saying that if I am in between jobs that I would never go back to teaching for a few months cause the money they were offering was good but I would only really do this if this is my only option to pay bills or when I want to save money quickly to go on a trip. 

As you can see today’s blog post is a bit here and there and I don’t have much to say except that I am feeling a bit meh. I am going to try to level up my spirit again and get back in my end of December start of January mode. Working out regularly, reading books, writing down plans and sticking to them. On a fun note I have a trip to Curacao to look forward to in March. I am hoping that I can also book a ticket to the Bahamas or Barbados around September/ October. I loved my trip with moms to Jamaica last year so much we want to travel more.

Let me know 

If you have a topic that you would want me to write about let me know. I would also love to know how you deal with these winter blues? Or are you a winter person? If you are, we can’t be friends LOL..

I am going to keep my eyes and ears extra open these days so I can get inspired again and write a fun post again. My apologies that this week’s post is a bit boring but life was life-ing these last few weeks.

Talk to ya next week 🙂

Feeling uninspired
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