Our annual girls trip to Notting Hill Carnival 

I have always heard about this event called Notting Hill Carnival but we never went because we thought how much better would it be than our own Carnaval on our island Curacao. I mean the island has the nice weather and the whole Caribbean vibe and I thought nothing could ever beat that.

In 2012 my sister and I went for the first time to give this Notting Hill Carnival a chance to see what the whole thing was about. We told each other we won’t be drinking a lot because we wanted to be safe. We have never been to London before. We arrived on a Saturday and we did some exploring and fell in love with Notting Hill. The events were on a Sunday and a Monday and once we experienced this we thought we need to come EVERY year. Of course, the weather isn’t the same as on our island but the Caribbean vibe is there. It was so beautiful seeing so many people enjoying the same thing. We danced, we laughed and we were sorry to leave on Tuesday. We returned back to the Netherlands and immediately booked our rooms for the next year. This has now become an annual girls trip.

We enjoy everything. The waking up in the morning to go get some breakfast, the naps we take after breakfast cause, first of all, we old :p and we know what partying lies ahead. The talks we have in our hotel room are priceless. I can’t even imagine what life would be like without these girls.

I have decided to write about this tonight because I realized today that we can start counting down to that moment again because we leave on the 25th of August. Of course, I will write again about this year and I will post pics of our outfits and I will vlog (or at least try) this year. I can’t wait to go but I also don’t want to go because it will be over again and we will have to wait another year to enjoy this event again.

I’ll add a little snippet vlog from our trip in 2016. I hope you enjoy and I’ll write about this year as soon as we get back.

Talk to ya soon.

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