Dating these days???

Dating these days

I was trying to avoid this part for a long time cause people might think oh here is another post about bashing men. You will see that this is not the case in this post well not entirely 🤪 I am kidding. If you are like me,  you basically live on TikTok these days. I would like to mention that I was one of those people who said I would never use TikTok but here we are and I love it!! No shame in my game. The reason I am mentioning this app is, you know how there is a Spotify wrapped at the end of the year well people are doing a Dating wrapped on TikTok and it’s hilarious and so relatable. I mean that is if you are dating hahaha. If I would participate in this whole Dating wrapped trend it would be 1 second long cause I don’t date. 

Dreams or nightmares

Now don’t get me wrong I mean of course it would be fun to meet the man of your dreams and all of that good stuff but these days it seems like there are only nightmares walking around. Before all men come for me I don’t mean all of you. I am just talking about my experiences and those of my friends. Yes I know I probably have a type and that is why I keep meeting some of these ” nightmares”. And no not all of our experiences were nightmares some of them were nice people. If you are one of my exes and reading this, you know if you were a nightmare or not..LOL

These dating streets

So let’s talk about these dating streets. They are something else these days. First of all, I don’t like to date. It stresses me out. The whole thought of getting all dressed up to meet someone, leaving my lovely house and couch for a date that probably won’t go well is a lot!!! Don’t ask me when I last went on a date cause it’s been years. Insert the meme of the old lady from the Titanic where she says: ” It’s been 84 years.” I think in my case it’s been 84 years too. Now I know what you are thinking but if you don’t go out there you won’t meet anyone. This is true but who says we have to meet someone to be happy?! I am happy without all the headaches that I see some people having in these relationships and extremely happy just doing my own thing all the time. Again, of course, it would be fun to meet someone who is similar to me and has the same values on how they see a relationship. I don’t have time for situationships or men who have this disease called ” I don’t know what I want.” Translation I know what I want but it ain’t you.

Social media

When you are on social media a lot you see that this is a global thing. All these beautiful women from all over the world are complaining about the same thing. Men that don’t know what they want, men that cheat, etc. Women who are afraid of posting their new relationship because you never know who is going to slide into your DMs to tell you: ” Ehm, you know that man that you have been flaunting on your IG, well my sister’s cousin’s neighbor has been seeing him too.” I am not saying that you should post your significant other for it to be a real thing. I am all for keeping your relationship private if that is your thing but as you post the fun stuff you do with friends it should be ok that you would post the fun stuff you do when you are in a relationship.

Are our issues equal?

I am sure men have some of these issues too but I can’t speak for them but I would love to see/ hear what their views are so if you are a man reading this feel free to comment under this post or on one of my other social media platforms. I think it’s also important to hear the other side. We are not here to bash one another. We are here to learn and listen to each other’s points of view.

I can talk about this forever but I will probably write a part two and also involve the dating apps we have these days. I know so many people who have met their significant other on these apps and I also hear a lot of horror stories from these apps. I will write about this in my next post or the one after that cause I also want to post about the 12 books I want to read next year.

Positive note

To end this post on a positive note. I don’t hate men, I think that they are fun and when I was younger I used to have a lot of male friends. I loved talking to them and I also learned a lot from them. The only problem I have with SOME (read that again..not all) men these days is that their mindset is all about being in a relationship but being single at the same time. I mean sir???? How does this work? The only way this would work is if both parties agree for it to be like that. Anyway, before I continue rambling on about this topic. I still believe in love and all that good stuff and I love seeing people who have met their partner for life but I am also very much ok with being single for the rest of my life. I will only make time for someone when I am sure that he won’t give me a headache cause my life is pretty chill right now and I don’t need that.

Let me know what you think. How do you view this “situationships’ thing or maybe you are in one? No worries most of us have been in one..LOL.. but we live and learn.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my little ramble. I feel like this one was all over the place but it’s all good.

See ya next time

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