Cute Dates with Friends

This week’s post is about cute dates with friends.

This week’s post is about cute dates with your friends. Life is not just all about dating for romance. Nurturing friendships is very important to me. So besides talking about dating romantically I also want to talk about cute date ideas with friends. Last week’s post was about Cute Date Ideas To Go On with someone you like romantically. This week it’s all about the most important part of my life. The most important parts of my life (besides my fam of course) are my friends.

Cherished Friendships

Some of my friends I have known for a lot of years. One I have known for about 20 years or more. My little sister is also one of my best friends. It is so special to have these people in my life for so many years and we still have so much fun together. I see my girl group as my sisters. They are my family! My life would be so BORING without them. These are the people I can call anytime and I know they would come running to help. Of course, I will do the same for them.

Our type of Friendship

We have the type of friendship that still does sleepovers every once in a while and hang out at least once a week. We call and text each other multiple times a day to catch up or repeat the same fun things and laugh. I cherish our friendship so so much. I was telling them last week about my post about cute date ideas and my best friend said how about cute date ideas with friends. I thought yes that’s a good and fun topic.

Plans that never leave the group chat

I guess we all know about the plans that never leave the group chat. But we are trying more and more to get the plans out of the chat and into real life. One of the things we always do is go to Carnival in London. This is our girl’s trip. We get to hang out for 4 days and stay in the same room, have breakfast together, and party in the streets of Notting Hill. I know this is not for everybody because not everybody loves to be in loud and crowded areas. 

Ideas to do with Friends

I have written a small list below with cute dates with friends. Let’s make it our mission to get the plans out of the group chat. 

– Friendship Adventure Challenge

I always say growing up is a trap. Of course, we are responsible people, etc but never let being a grown-up stand in the way of having fun. I saw this the other day and thought this seems like fun and I want to order it. It’s a scratch book with fun activities you can choose from and take pictures with the instant camera it comes with.

– Book a weekend away

Check into a hotel with your friends in a city that you have never been. This doesn’t have to be abroad. Before you go check out what activities you can do in this city. We did this a few times and I loved it! We didn’t do any activities except some shopping but that’s how we roll…LOL. We are a bit of a lazy group. We usually enjoy some shopping and lots of eating.   

– Plan a sleepover

Who says that you can’t do sleepovers anymore just because you are older?

  1. Make a list of who brings what to eat and drink. It will make the whole event budget-friendly.
  2. Buy some masks (for some pampering) and cute matching pajamas. Think of how cute the pics will look. 
  3. Fun card games with questions are card games that you can play to have even more fun during this sleepover. These questions are a great way to get to know each other even better. 
  4. Make sure you have some movie titles ready for when everybody gets tired and you just want to relax.
  5. Make a nice breakfast together the next day before everybody goes home and reminisce about the night before.
  6. Please don’t forget to take some pics during the evening so you can always look back at them. They don’t even have to make it on social media but just for the archives. One of my best friends always says that and she is right. I enjoy looking at the pics that never made it online.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and maybe you will do one or two of them. If you have fun ideas that you do with your friends feel free to let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading as always and talk to you soon 🫶🏾

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