Cute Dates To Go On

Cute Date Ideas

Another lighthearted post this week. This week I am going to talk about three dates that seem cute to me. If you are on social media you must have come across discussions between people about how much a date should cost. They also discuss what a good date is. I think a date is fun if you like the company you are with. Because being at an expensive restaurant and you are not into the company you are with, the date will suck. If you like your date, even going to get some ice cream and getting to know each other while having a walk will be fun. 

Here comes “Miss I am not even dating” with fun dating ideas.  

Anyway, as someone who has invented being single and actually doesn’t date… LOL. I do have a few ideas for some cute dates in my future. I mean I am slowly, emphasis on the slowly part, but surely being more open to the idea of actually getting dressed to meet someone on a date. Not this month though hahaha I need to mentally prepare. (Haven’t we heard this before…side-eyeing myself 😒) I told you that I was going to be more open to dating but tada (surprise) I haven’t been on a single date hahaha…but no worries it will happen THIS YEAR!! Saying this here so you can hold me accountable. 

Cute Date Ideas

Let me go ahead and tell you what I have in mind for cute date ideas. I mean you are not here to hear me talking about how I haven’t been on a date. You know that and you have probably given up like my brother-in-law. He is also waiting to have a new ‘bro” at the Christmas dinner table. I told him it’s hard in these streets. At this point, my Mr.Right has to be a delivery man or rob my house cause these streets ain’t it. (Please don’t rob my house. I was being sarcastic) I have also asked my friends what they would consider cute date ideas. Here are a few of mine and them. 

1. Sip and Paint

I can’t draw or paint for the life of me but I can sip. Hey everybody has their talents. I think this date would be fun because it’s something different to do and you get to know the other person while you are doing an activity. I think the conversation will flow better because it isn’t an interview-style date. You know the ones where the questions are always the same. What is your favorite color…bla bla bla. I saw a funny TikTok about this. As I am writing this I am thinking maybe it will be better for a second date because what if you don’t like the person? But as I was writing that last sentence I thought well at least you had fun with the drinks and a fun painting. (Welcome to how my brain works. I am sure that my picture is in the dictionary next to Overthinker.)

2. R&B brunch

I saw this on my For You page on TikTok and thought this would be fun too. I saw a bunch of friends do this but I think I would most definitely enjoy this as a date too. Food, drinks, and my favorite genre of music. I love music and anything that has to do with music, especially R&B I would enjoy! This one can also be tricky as a first date because what if the music is too loud? Hear me out. Again if you don’t like your date 😱..bonus is that at least you enjoyed the music and the food. If you do like your date it gives you a chance to sit closer to your date and hear what they are saying 😉

3. A workshop

I asked my friends what they thought would be a good date and my friend said workshop. She came up with the idea of a workshop. For example, a cocktail workshop, and of course you can make this cocktail without alcohol too. Not all dates need alcohol of course. 


The links recommended below are all in the Netherlands and as you know I haven’t been on these dates myself. I have read reviews and seen posts so if you go on a date before me, let me know if the location was fun. I have seen that people from different countries read my blog🫶🏾.  Please let me know of fun places to go on a date in your country.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog and I will talk to you soon. Please feel free to click the like button or share the post on your own social media platforms. 💛


Sip and Paint: I saw that the is going to have one on 9 September 2023 in Rotterdam

R&B Brunch: Villa Thalia has an event on 23 September 2023

Cocktail Workshop 

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