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In this post, I want to talk about creators that inspired me to change my life and views on my life. As you may know, I’ve been writing a lot about the things that are on my mind and they haven’t been always so happy and cheerful. The people that I am going to mention made me realize that I wanted a different life. A heads up, this is going to be a long post. Grab a drink and relax while reading this.

Feeling uncomfortable

It is more than natural that when you want to change things in your life that you are going to feel uncomfortable. If you read my blog weekly you would have noticed that I am in my uncomfortable era. I am embracing it because I know that eventually, everything will fall into place. As stated in a previous post this feeling also comes with the butterflies of excitement cause I literally have no idea where life is going to take me and I love it!! I don’t want a predictable life. The only thing that I want to be predictable is my happiness. 


These are people who I admire for their courage and go follow their dreams. They didn’t give up when things got difficult. They also had no idea if and how things would work out the way that they did. Let me first start by saying that I don’t think I have it in me to be an online creator like them. I am just trying to take little things from them and apply them to my life. 

Names and channels creators

1. Patricia Bright: was one of the first people that I watched online. She used to do let us follow her journey with natural hair and now she is a boss, a mom, an entrepreneur, and everything else. IG

2. Raven Navera: used to work in law and did the Youtube thing on the side. She also did hair tutorials and hauls. She is now one of the best traveling creators. Her edits and lifestyle are goals. IG

3. Lydia Dinga: is such a good time. She is funny, smart, and knows what her goals are. She also used to have a nine-to-five. Did hair, traveled and just showed us her life while going after her dreams. Now she is married, travels, and is living her best life. IG

4. Shantania Beckford: This beauty is on a self-love and self-discovery journey. I love how she just doesn’t do things just to do them. She also travels and always tells us how grateful she is for coming this far by working the way she wants to work. IG

5. Sundai Love: This girl almost had me packing my things to move to Japan. Also a gorgeous, smart, and funny woman. She shows us her life in Japan (she edits like a boss) and you get to see how she is moving up in life. She is a businesswoman and a model. IG 

A Part Two

I could name so many more and maybe I’ll do a part two of all these gorgeous and inspirational women that I follow online. Besides these ones on YouTube and IG, I  also follow a few on TikTok. Besides I am also writing about the books that I have read these past few months. I am still on my reading journey 

What I learned from them

What I learned from these women is that you shouldn’t give up on your goals no matter how silly they seem for other people. I can’t wait to travel more and have a job that I love. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know which creators inspire you. You can comment here, on Instagram or Facebook. I will go and check out the creators that you mentioned. If you like my posts you can click on the like button and like it or you can share it if you want. ☺️

Talk to you soon 💛

Creators that have inspired me.
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