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Being confident

I’ve written about confidence before but it was in a post where I talked about lots of other things too. Remember me telling you that becoming more confident would be my new thing? Did this happen??? No cliffhanger here, so here is the answer and the answer is NO!!! 😓 The pressure to start being more confident and to just go for things is getting worse. As of now, I have about 45 days to get a new job—just a quick reminder in case you missed last week’s post. Having 45 days at this job is not because they want to get rid of me but because of my need to continue with my journey to happiness.


After almost 6 months my friend stress is back and she says: “Hello!”  Is it the right thing to do to just stay where I am? At least I know I will have an income but I won’t be moving forward with my plans and dreams? Or should I stop doubting myself and just apply for the jobs that appeal to me and stop being so scared and having so many doubts? But by leaving having a steady income is off the table again.  As always I save money for the just-in-case part but I don’t want to touch my savings to pay the bills. The biggest part of this journey is to be more confident and just doing things without doubting myself so much. 

IT Event 

Another part of this journey is doing more things alone and to step out of my comfort zone so I got a ticket to an IT event. You might think what the hell and where is this coming from? This has always been an interest of mine but I never knew what my options were. When lurking on LinkedIn  (as one does to look for job opportunities) A friend of mine posted about this event. It said that you are welcome without an IT background. If you are interested and want to know more about the opportunities in IT. As I am writing this I feel nervous because I am going alone and this is a whole new setting for me. I hope that I am not going to change my mind and cancel. If I go I will let you know how it went. 

Time out 

I am going away next week to Curacao and I am looking forward to this just to clear my mind. I am hoping that by being in another environment, things will start falling into place. The way my mind is running around in circles is very annoying and I am hoping that the sun and the beach will inspire me and make me happy. I need this time out to reset my mind. I am so grateful that I get to do this because I know that not everybody can change environments to reset their minds. 

Book recommendation

Reading books is one of the things that I love doing. There is a book, that I want to read Girl stop apologizing.  They say it’s a wake-up call book for women. It talks about how we must stop making excuses and doubting ourselves and just go after our dreams. I will buy it for my upcoming vacation.I will let you know if it is a must-read. This has been a short and sweet post. I don’t have much to talk about this week. I am stressed about work and about packing my suitcase. I don’t like packing. My little sister packs in two minutes and looks cute every day. I pack for two weeks and still have nothing to wear. I want to be her when I grow up. ☺️

What do you think?

Let me know what you think I should do about the work. Should I stay longer or just go once my contract is done? 🙃You can let me know here, on Facebook or on Instagram.  Talk to you next week

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  • Cherrelyn

    Hey Indira,

    Ik denk dat je moet blijven, want ik ga je missen 😭😭😭😜. Volg je hart en intuïtie die zullen je leiden tot het juiste antwoord ! Je komt er wel, welke beslissing je ook maakt ik ben trots op je ♥️

    Xx Cherrelyn

    • DushiLifestyle

      Het is wel erg gezellig inderdaad hahaha.. Ik moet echt even goed naar mijn gevoel gaan luisteren en kijken waar ik terecht ga komen.Dit was zo een super lieve comment van je😘 en het is echt lief om te horen dat je trots op mij bent en dat is right back at ya. Cheers op nog meer gezellige dagen ❤️❤️

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