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    Fitness 2019

    Fitness Journey 1.000.012   So here we go again with the I am going to do better this year with my fitness journey. I am going to make sure to be happy this Summer with my body etc. etc. I woke up today and as most people do these days you open your social media apps and the first thing you see are people who are really fit. People who went to the gym on 2 Jan because…. NO EXCUSES! Whilst I was watching those…

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    Fitness Journey On this part of the blog, I will be writing about my fitness journey. Out of the group, I am the one who struggles with her weight.  It goes up and down and I would like for it to be at a point where I just have to maintain it. I will be posting pictures of my journey and of course, I will be writing on how I get along. Talk to you soon! Dushilifestyle