12 books in 2023

Happy Holidays

I was thinking about how much of a reader I was when I was a  young girl and trying to understand why I don’t read as much anymore. I miss it and it’s time to go back to being an avid reader. But let’s be honest deep down I do know why I don’t read as much as I used to and this is because of tv, SOCIAL MEDIA, and everything in between. I seem to need to be distracted all the time because this way I don’t have to think about anything else.

Reading Challenge 2023

 So I have decided to read one book a month in 2023. This isn’t much I know but I have to get back into the swing of things. I am hoping that I am going to fall in love with it again and read more than one book every month. Reading is so much fun cause you get to be in your little bubble and create a world of your own. I hope that you will join me next year and read one book each month too. 

I am banned from buying more books because I have a lot stacked up on my nightstand. I need to read those first but if you have a suggestion that is a must-read please let me know and I will unban myself from buying. I am so easily persuaded😌

I will insert a few pictures of the books that I am planning to read at the end of my post. It might inspire you to also go check them out or it just might inspire you to start reading some books. 

I will write small reviews once I am done with each book. Let’s feed our brains in 2023 and go on this reading journey together. 

My 10 books and reasons: (I hope that you’ll have 2 more for me to add to my list 🙂 Click on the title to see what they are about)

1. Atomic Habits: I read that it changed so many people’s lives who are like me and always have lots of ideas but never see them through. This book teaches you to take small steps at changing your habits. I always want to go from 0 to 100 and this will teach me to go to 100 by taking small steps.

2. It ends with us: I just jumped on the hype of this one. Everybody was talking about it so I thought let me go buy this and see what all the fuss is about. 

3. The big leap: Well if you have been keeping up with Indira you would know why I bought this one..lol. I was stuck in a job for 20+ years and I needed this to take this Big Leap.

4. How not to die alone: This one was recommended by a friend and I thought the title was hilarious. I haven’t read it yet but I guess they were worried I would be dying alone LOL.. (for more context read dating these days on my blog)

5. The money is coming: This book is all about manifesting more money and in this economy we might as well start believing in all this manifesting. I read this one already but going to read it again this month.  

6. Burn after writing: This is not really a book but you can write all your deep and darkest secrets in this one and afterward burn it!! I love this!! 

7. The girlfriend: I went on my www.goodreads.com account and looked for psychological thrillers cause these are my favorite books. This one seems very good so I can’t wait to start with this one. 

8. The Secret: I have read this one before but I want to read it again because there is a theme in my life of manifesting things. 

9. Getting Things Done: There is a theme in my reading list if you haven’t noticed. I am the queen of procrastination and I think these types of books might help me well to get things done. 

10. The couple next door: People were talking about this one too and again I do love a good thriller. 

11. ?

12. ?

If books aren’t your thing maybe you will enjoy other parts of this blog instead. Thank you for reading and I am going to love you and leave ya. See you after the holidays. Enjoy, relax, recharge and of course, start getting your books together so we can do some reading in 2023.