BohoLocs Review

BohoLocs Review

Boholocs Review

First of all, I am so happy that I can finally write a Boholocs review. As said before I love everything about hair. During Christmas break, a friend of mine (Thalysia 🙂 told me about this company called BohoLocs who was having a sale till 8 Jan 2019. I went to their page and saw that they were selling exactly what I was looking for and all the women on the site sold it to me because they looked GORGEOUS.

Website (

Their website is nice and there is a lot of info about everything. For example, you will get plenty of information about the texture, length, color and how to take care of them. The pictures are of very good quality and you can really see what the hair looks like.


Once you order you’ll receive an email from the founder where she thanks you for purchasing. I loved that. I like those little personal touches. Whilst you are waiting for your order you’ll receive an email about how to take care of your locs. It took 9 days for it to come to the Netherlands which was very quick. I chose shipment with a tracking code so I could make sure I was home when it arrived. My order was $155 (shipping to the Netherlands included)  The excitement was too real for me to miss my order. It felt like a Christmas gift to myself.

Installing the hair

The package arrived on a Monday. I ran downstairs to collect it,  checked out their YouTube tutorial because I always like to do my own hair. She explained everything so well and voila 2,5 hours later I had my glorious locs. This same friend who told me about their sale asked me if I filmed doing my hair and unfortunately, I didn’t. I am so new at this that I totally forgot. I will film it the next time I purchase so I can show everybody how easy it is.  You only need one pack of hair and I still have a lot left. I will use these to refresh some of them once they get a bit old. It is synthetic hair but I don’t mind this because they are locs. You also receive hair jewelry in the package. I haven’t used them yet but I think I’ll do this next week so I can change things up a little bit.


GO BUY BUY BUY!! You will love the hair and it is lovely to wake up in the morning and not worrying about what to do with your hair. I do moisturize my hair/ scalp daily because I have very dry hair. This hairstyle got so many compliments and I am already checking out their page for my next purchase. I am going on a cruise in April and I thinks this will be my hairstyle for that week.


Talk to you soon.