Boho Locs Queen Locs

This has to be one of my favorite styles of locs. I discovered this brand through a friend and I have been ordering from them ever since. What I love about ordering from is that you get enough hair in one pack for your whole head. You don't need to guess or anything. This brand also has a Youtube channel where you can see how you can install the hair and they give information about the maintenance of the hair.

This hair is so easy to install that you don't need a hairdresser. The Queen locs are my favorite and I get so many compliments from people. They stop me on the street or even when I am doing my groceries to tell me how much they love the hair. I love the look on their faces when I tell them that I do it myself.

In the package, you receive the hair and some beautiful accessories if you want to be even bolder with the hair. I love how I can wake up every day and look fabulous without even trying. At night I wrap a satin scarf to keep it nice and neat. The only thing I do is fix my edges in the morning with an edge booster and I am done. I am currently rocking these Queen locs but I have just ordered the supreme Locs and can't wait to see what those will look like.

I will keep you posted and post pics on here and on Instagram of course.

Boho Locs Queen Locs
Boho Locs Queen Locs
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