Back to Reality

back to reality

Back to reality now that summer is over. It’s been a few months since I quit my job and I have been enjoying my life thoroughly. No alarms in the morning, eat my breakfast in peace, not see stressed-out people in the morning. Life has been wonderful. I also loved meeting my friends anytime I wanted. I saved money for this period of my life. But all good things unfortunately have to come to an end. So here we are and it’s back to reality.

Recap Summer

Summer in the Netherlands wasn’t really summering this year. It basically rained all of July and a big part of August but we still tried to have as much fun as we could. We went out for drinks and a few parties here and there. Our crew also got a new prince. One of our sisters had a beautiful healthy baby boy. Now we have 3 new princes in our group. We ended our summer with us going to Nottinghill Carnival. This is our annual girl’s trip. We get to spend so much uninterrupted time together. From having breakfast to our late-night chats in our hotel room. Of course, partying in the streets of London is a big bonus part. 

Time to look for jobs again

I am so happy that I have some clarity about the things that I want. I love working for a few months and then taking a few months off. I can even stand in front of a class again but only as a substitute because I know that there will be an end date. I also applied for a job that I was scared to apply to. It is something creative and working with creative people has been a dream of mine. I didn’t want to apply because I don’t have the experience they are asking for. A friend of mine pushed me to just write because he said you can do more than you think and I have to believe in myself. I don’t know if I will get it but I am proud that I finally applied for something out of my comfort zone.

Job Interviews

I have a few job interviews these upcoming weeks with a few of them being a substitute teaching job. It is almost time to start saving money again so I can go on my summer adventures of 2024. I have been living life like I am a ” rich” b*#$h these last few months but my bank account is side-eyeing me now…LOL. Time to get back to work. I will do it all over again until I know what I want.

Never knowing what I want

Maybe I will never know what I want and that is ok too. I used to get all stressed out with I wanted a job that made me happy all the time. Of course, this would be FANTASTIC but I am done with putting pressure on myself. I don’t have kids (and I don’t want kids.. I am the cool and fun aunt.) or anything so I just have to take care of myself so as long as every bill is paid and I can do fun stuff here and there…LIFE IS GOOD!!! 

Keep you updated

I will keep you updated about the new job. Let me know how your summer went. Did you enjoy it? Did you also quit and are about to start a new job adventure? If you like this post feel free to share it and click the like button if you liked it of course. Talk to you next week. 🫶🏾💛

P.S. Just a little FYI.. one of our favorite parties is Stir It Up. Vibes are always fun and the music is even better. So if ever in Rotterdam check out their IG to see if they have a party going on. 

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2 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous summer. I had the pleasure of visiting Amsterdam at the beginning of this year for my 50th birthday. Had an absolute blast.
    Love ur blog

    1. Thanx Lorraine, I had so much fun this summer. I can’t wait for next year. So cool that you visited Amsterdam. Did you enjoy your stay? You should visit Rotterdam too if you come to the Netherlands again. It’s totally different than Amsterdam. I love both cities because each has a different vibe. I live in Rotterdam and am in love with my city, but we visit Amsterdam occasionally to change the scenery and have fun over there. Thank you for reading and for leaving such a nice comment. 🫶🏾

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