About DushiLifestyle

A quick intro about who I am and why I started this blog again…yes I said again. I have tried this a few times but then life took over and I didn’t feel like updating again. So let me introduce myself.

I am a former teacher. I stood in front of a classroom for about 21 years. I was very good at it but it is time to see what else is out there. The kids at school loved me and some of them were lovely and funny. I had the best colleagues and thanks to them I survived every day. We had so much fun during our breaks. I wanted to do other things with my life for so long but I was too scared to leave a good job and all my security. Let’s not forget all the vacations. THESE WERE THE BEST!!!

Now that I am in my forties is time to enjoy the next half of my life without boundaries. This blog is especially for people who are tired of living inside of a box. People who are tired of hearing how they need to behave, how to think, what to wear, and where they need to be in life.

Time for something new

As I am typing this I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I just know that it is time to quit my job and explore life. I have so many things that I want to do but where to start? I am taking you all on this journey with me and I hope that we can get some ideas and courage from each other.

Let’s GO!! Let’s enjoy a Dushi Lifestyle.