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It’s that time of the year. GOALS GOALS GOALS! We are getting bombarded with posts about goals and things that people want to achieve. Well, here I am. I am people and I am going to join these other people and write down a few of my goals so I can live my best life in the years to come.  

I do this every year but I never stick to the plan. You may think, why write them down again?? I am asking myself this too but I have more faith in myself this year because I already achieved one. The big one! The one about leaving my steady income. This was the scary one. So if I did this (and survived), I am sure it is possible to accomplish a few smaller ones and who knows I might also achieve the other big one that has been high on my list—the one about leaving the country for a few months. 

Let me know what your goals are and how you are planning on achieving them next year. We can learn from each other. Hope you all are enjoying the festive season and if you are not, that’s ok too. I must say it isn’t my favorite time of the year either. I don’t hate it or anything but it’s just like any other day to me. I just see them as days that we don’t have to go to work and get to watch a bunch of shows we never have time for. The only thing that makes it unique to me is that it’s my nephew’s birthday on the 26th of December, he is my little heartbeat and I love seeing him happy when he is opening all of his presents. 

Anyway back to our goals. I am excited for next year just because I have no idea where life is going to take me and I LOVE IT!! 

This will be the last post in 2022. I will see you next year (which is in a few days so this sounds ridiculous…lol) Have fun and I wish us all a very happy New Year and may we all achieve everything we want in 2023. 

LIST OF GOALS in 2023 (click on them to unfold and read more about them 🙂 

You might already know this because I wrote about it in my previous post https://www.dushilifestyle.com/12-books-in-2023/

I am on a ban of buying books but I do want to buy this one. Have you read it?

How to live your best life by Maria Hatzistefanis.

Yes of course this is on the list. When has it ever not been on my list. Do I always achieve it…nope. I have already dismissed the idea of going to the gym cause let’s be real I never stick to that but what I can stick to is working out at home. I can roll out of bed and look horrible, get it done and continue with my day. The goal is to do this at least 4 times a week. Also walk more and get these steps in and of course eat healthier and avoid knowing the food delivery people by name. 

This has been high on my list after quitting my job. The only reason I haven’t done it yet is cause I am afraid that I am going to miss my people. I am going to try and be a big girl and follow through with this plan cause life is short and I don’t want it to become something I might regret if I don’t do it. I have no idea how to start but I am going to figure it out. If you have done something like this already please let me know how you did it and how it feels to leave everything and everyone behind. 

LOL!! I say this every year but as you can see this is on the bottom of my list because we have some personal goals to achieve first.

Dating is something else but I might do it and maybe we will get some nice stories out of these dates or maybe we will get one good story because I might just meet the man of my dreams on one of these dates. Who knows? I will at least try to have an open mind about this. I usually don’t so this is a HUGE step for me 😌 Just in case you have 

This one speaks for itself. I want to see more of the world. I

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