So some news to share

As you may have noticed I haven’t posted last week because I was on auntie duty. The best job in the world. I had to babysit my little nephew cause he had a bit of a cold and wasn’t feeling well. I was too busy enjoying the cuddles and kisses when he was ill cause now that he’s getting older he doesn’t have time to give me all the kisses and hugs anymore. So when he had his cold he was all hugs, kisses and cuddles whilst watching cartoons and I enjoyed ever minute. 

So now back to this week. I told myself last night that I am going to be productive this week and made a list. I am almost done with that list for today and I am proud because we all know the I am going to start Monday list and eventually do nothing that is on that list. Conclusion Monday is gone and we tell ourselves well we’ll start again next week. 

Anyway you have read the title and after 4 months of enjoying my freedom I am going to start a new job next Monday. It’s going to be a struggle getting up early and going to bed on time because my life didn’t have any structure at all. Which was fun and if I was rich I could live like that forever 🙂 

I am a little bit excited to see how I am going to like this one. It has a little bit to do with education but I don’t have to teach. I am going to help students with their work and make sure they get a diploma after 7 months. During my time at home I realized that I did like the coaching of students but not standing in front of a class and being a cop instead of a teacher. It’s a job for about 7 months to a year. I like this because if I don’t like it I get to start over with something new next year. This gives me freedom again. The plan is to save money again and see where life is going to take me I 2023. I still want to travel and maybe live somewhere else in the long run but first let’s go make some money.

I will keep you guys posted and if I like the job and my new colleagues. During my job interview I did like the vibe of the place so we shall see. 

Bye bye freedom and hello back to work and some structure. 


Ok, where to begin? After a pretty productive day if I do say so myself. I say this cause the first 2 weeks after returning from Jamaica I went into a mini depression. I always have these once I come back from a sunny place and back to rain and darkness. After 2 weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I have decided that I am not going to stay in that place and that I need to get up and do stuff. I went to lunch with two friends, did some groceries, and returned to continue this course on Public Relations. I want to finish it in the next few months and start with something new. I just stopped for tonight. (It’s 8 in the evening) I felt inspired to write a little something.

I named this one vulnerable because that’s how I feel now. Not because some terrible things are happening in my life but because I didn’t expect people to read the previous post. As you may know, I specifically said in that one that probably nobody is going to read it and I just felt like getting some things off my chest. To my surprise, more people than I had expected read it and the comments on Facebook, Instagram, and text messages were so sweet. So if you were one of them I want to say thank you! I am always very nervous about posting because I think I am just rambling but I am glad people liked it. So to make a long story short this made me feel extra vulnerable because now I think it’s downhill from here. How can I keep people interested? One thing I know is that I am going to try. The pressure is on but I like it because this is something that I love doing. My little online diary.

I might have some good news next week so keep checking this space. 🙂 This was just a little thank you and hope you will return to read more. I also want to write about dating in your forties, that’s going to be a comedy hahaha. I have a lot more ideas because being in your forties is something else.

Now it’s time for some tea to warm up and continue reading my book Atomic Habits on the couch. Anyway thank you so much again and talk to you next week