Welcome to Dushilifestyle

Before we continue to explain what this blog is going to be about we would first like to explain the word “Dushi”.  It’s a word that originates from our beautiful Curacao. A small little island in the Caribbean. It means good, nice, wonderful and every synonym you can imagine for the word nice.

Our blog is for women of all ages but especially for women over 35.  We would love for younger women to also enjoy this blog cause we will all get older and this can be a bit terrifying. We are talking from experience 😉 We could not have imagined what our lives would be like at 30 or even over 30 but here we are.

We will talk more in-depth in the next post about life after 30. This blog will be about everything you can imagine from fashion, skin care, fitness, goals, and family. If you want us to talk more about something else we would love to hear from you and write about that.

We hope you subscribe and follow us on our journey to getting older but having fun while doing so. Getting older doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

Talk to you soon and enjoy a dushi lifestyle 😉